HDPE grease traps

HDPE grease traps

Grease traps in all sizes

HDPE grease traps for various purposes. For example, for separating waste water from catering and / or commercial kitchens. TVR grease traps are constructed in accordance with NEN1825. The grease traps are made of HDPE sheet material. HDPE stands for High Density Poly Ethylene, it is a particularly strong type of plastic, ideal for manufacturing grease traps due to a number of specific properties:

– resistant to chemical reactions or processes
– particularly good resistance to waste water, contaminated with fatty acids (no corrosion)
– strong and tough
– no water absorption
– no adhesive properties.
– resistant to temperatures between -30 ° c and +80 ° c
– can be fully recycled
– light weight.

Grease traps made of HDPE have the advantage that they are not attacked by the wastewater, so they have a longer life compared to other traps made of sheet steel or concrete. Because HDPE is easier to process, the separator can be manufactured in almost all desired dimensions. The light weight makes the separator easy to move or relocate. Because HDPE has no adhesive properties, grease residues do not stick to the separator. Cleaning the separator has therefore been done better and faster.

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