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Oil and grease solvent

This automated cartridge release system contains a highly concentrated water-based suspension with selected and adapted micro-organisms which are used to break down fats in drainage pipes from restaurant kitchens. This product eats away at the fat in these pipes and in doing so prevents the build-up of these substances, as a result of which they remain free of blockages and odours.
CRCS was designed for to remove fats from commercial kitchen pipes and to prevent the build-up of fats in them. This increases flow through the pipes, as a result of which water drains more quickly and avoids the need for harmful chemical drain unblockers. It also avoids the need for drain unblocking companies to remove sudden blockages in the piping.
The contents of the cartridge treat the interior of drainage pipes in restaurants which serve up to 750 meals a day. The lifecycle of the cartridge is 30 days in standard use, however the dispenser is programmable for different doses.

Crude, semi-submersible cylinders which dissolve slowly and release microbes and enzymes which reduce unpleasant odours and stimulate the breakdown of fats. The MICROCAT-BioPOP consists of a slow-dissolving matrix placed in a sturdy porous net. They were developed to be suspended in a tank containing water (fat sump, pumping station etc…) using a rope. BioPOP’s contain environmentally-friendly and safe, naturally-occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes. The micro-organisms are specially selected for their properties in breaking down (and therefore not just dissolving) fats and other organic contaminants which occur in waste water from kitchens and the food industry, but also in domestic waste water.
MICROCAT-BioPOP’s are ideally suited for use in grease separators, pumping stations in sewage networks or sewage pipes which have to cope with odour problems and/or the build-up of fats. The MICROCAT-BioPOP was developed to be simple to place, attach and remove via a rope in such systems.
In general MICROCAT-XRT is injected directly into the oil-water separator in a preventive maintenance dose. Preventive maintenance dosage for an oil-water separator varies from 1 x 0.2 kg sachet per m3 tank contents per week to 1 sachet per m3 tank contents every 2½ months, depending upon usage intensity of the oil-water separator.
Applied directly to the oil-water separator without preparation
Packed in pre-weighed, easy-to-use, soluble in water sachets
Cheap to use
Long shelf-life
Reduced build-up of oil scum in the separator
Reduced oil content in effluent
Improved water quality
Lower maintenance costs
Safe and easy to use


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