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Hot tubs and jacuzzis in almost any shape and size

TVR Kunststoffen manufactures Hot tubs/Jacuzzis from high quality HDPE material. Some of the specifications:
- Material thickness 10mm
- Black,white,grey or blue in colour
- Can be made in almost all sizes and shapes
- 10 year leakage guarantee
- With or without benches
- Wooden or plastic benches
- Wooden or plastic heater protection
- can be integral or above ground and finished in wood
- UV resistant
- Very long life
- Easy to keep clean
- Should you wish you can provide your own design and TVR Kunststoffen will make it for you
- Hot tub/Jacuzzi can be extended to become bubble bath
- And/or heated by an aluminium or stainless steel RVS turbo wood burning heater, heat pump or 22kw ,30kw ,or 40kw outside heater
- Optional wood finish for exterior
- Options also include lighting, cover, ladder, edging stones, sand filter, blower pump (for the bubbles)
- Transport within the Netherlands by arrangement


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