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Film welding of a swimming pool

Film welding is our speciality. We only work with certified fitters, because film welding in swimming pool technology is a specialised profession. So it doesn't make any difference to use whether the swimming pool is circular, oval or square. With or without integral steps. Almost anything is possible. New, renovation or repair works. Other items such as buffer trays or drip trays for example professionally made by us from film.
The film we process is a quality film of the brand DLW-Delifol. It is a reinforced 1.5 mm thick PVC film. You can click on the DLW Delifol website link for further information.
Structural Film baths
A structural film bath is a durable bath which must be constructed by professionals. The handling of the film in the tray especially requires the pool builder to have experience and expertise.
Working method
The working method can be briefly summarised as follows: first of all protective insulating felt (4mm) is laid on the structural tray. A film sheet is then applied to the upper edge. The strong (reinforced) PVC film is then attached to this. The seams of this are then heat-dried onto each other and secured with liquid film. The finishing and sealing of for example, a Roman staircase (fitted with anti-slip film) requires the added value of the swimming pool builder.
The structural element can be achieved in different ways. For example the tray can be cemented, poured or constructed using special swimming pool building blocks. The special blocks are anchored to a concrete floor, fitted with steel reinforcement and filled with concrete. The strength of the material, combined with its hardness, guarantee a solid tub which, just as with a cemented/poured tray, can be finished with insulating felt and swimming pool film. This method of construction also allows almost any shape and size is possible.
- Any shape and any size is possible.
- There are currently many attractive colour options.
- Thanks to professional craftsmen the inclusion, for example, of a Roman staircase give your swimming pool a superb appearance.
A film pool is therefore literally a made-to-measure pool, which is also a great benefit. Naturally you are free to choose the dimensions, shape and colour of the film. In terms of colour especially there are currently many attractive possibilities. The days when a swimming pool had to be blue are very much in the past. Colours such as white, sand and grey are increasingly common for film pools. This not only gives you an attractive water colour, there also many options for a contrasting edge and/or terrace finish.


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